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List of research-projects / topics that the Weber-Group is currently working on:


  • Time-resolved electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) on biologically relevant paramagnetic intermediates (radical pairs, triplet states)
  • EPR studies of protein-cofactor interactions
  • Probing nuclear spin-polarized states using NMR
  • Elucidating reaction mechanisms of photoactive proteins
  • Short-lived paramagnetic states (radicals, triplet states, radical pairs)
  • Studying intra-protein electron transfer reactions using Photo-CIDNP
  • Investigating structure, function, and reaction mechanism of photoactive DNA repair enzymes (class I and class II DNA photolyase, (6-4) photolyase)
  • Investigating structure, function, and reaction mechanism of blue-light receptors (phototropin, BLUF domains, crytochromes)
  • Spin-label EPR experiments on e.g. the phototropin proteins, phytochrome and complex I of the respiratory chain
  • EPR-spectroscopic investigations on flavoproteins
  • Quantum-chemical calculations of magnetic resonance parameters (g-tensors, hyperfine couplings, chemical shifts)
  • EPR-spectroscopic investigation of passivation (layers) of crystalline solar cells
  • EPR-spectroscopic investigations of defect centers in ZnO nanoparticles
  • Development of methods for detecting magnetic resonance using atomic force microscopy